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New Adjunct Faculty Start Here

New Employee Orientation

To assist you with your acclimation to Paradise Valley Community College the following college orientation is required prior to teaching:
Learning-Centered College Philosophy, Roles and Responsibilities, Meeting with Division Chairs/Evening Supervisors
Thursday, August 20; 5:30-8:00pm, Kranitz Student Center, KSC1000A/B
Register online at:

Important First Steps

Prepare For Class

The First Class

  • Arrive early.

  • Greet students - You are the college ambassador to most students.

  • Get to know your students.
    Establish a Learning-Centered class.

  • Go over the class syllabus with the students.
    Establish the class rules early.
    Communicate the keys to class success.
    Make clear to the students the preparation expectations for each class.
    Introduce the students to the campus resources available to them.

  • Make sure students know what they are supposed to accomplish for the second class.

  • Use SIS to drop students who do not attend per your syllabus policy.

Know What Your Students Need To Know

  • What is the book for your class. Check Here.

  • How to get their Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) Here.

  • How to reset their MEID Password Here.

  • How to access with their MEID.

  • How to access their Gmail Email Address ( Here and
    forward their Gmail Here and
    access their GoogleApps Information

  • How to get their parking permit Here. Parking Map

  • How to familiarize themselves with the campus Map

  • How to familiarize themselves with Campus Emergency Procedures Here. Map

  • How to check availability of courses throughout the District Here.