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Distance Learning


To the Center for Distance Learning, your choices@pvc

Our goal is to support your efforts to complete classes while maintaining your busy life. To do this, the Center for Distance Learning offers courses in a variety of distance learning formats, or choices, to meet your learning needs.

At PVCC we offer courses in three different formats that vary by subject, schedule, comfort level with technology, time on campus, level of independence, and time management skills. Visit Your Choices to learn about the three different formats. Also take the readiness survey to find out how distance learning matches your learning style.

With choices, you have the power to learn and to succeed.


Guided Indepented Learning Courses

Guided Independent Learning (GIL) is print-based and out of the classroom.
Course materials and assignments are picked-up & dropped off at the CDL Office.
Students must read the GIL Briefing at:





Hybrid Courses

Hybrid blends face-to-face (in person) instruction in a classroom with online learning.
Hybrid is equal time in class as online.





Online Courses

Online classes are classes taken remotely and self-paced.
See Enrollment Deadline dates within schedule. Students must read through the Online Briefing at:


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Center for Distance Learning/choices@pvc at Paradise Valley Community College is to provide distance learning opportunities through effective and accessible instructional alternatives and student instructional support services. These instructional alternatives and services are continuously evaluated and improved to meet the needs of students.

Contact Us

Location: Q117

Phone: 602-787-6754 or 602-787-6750

Fax: 602-787-6779

Fall & Spring semester

Mon-Thurs 9:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday Closed

Summer semester

Mon - Thurs 9:00am - 6:00pm (Closed Fri, Sat, and Sun)


Coordinator, Distance Learning:
Sheri Bakunowski

The college of you.