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Early College

Early College on FacebookThis exciting two-year program is designed for motivated high school students with good academic and attendance records who wish to get a jump start on college.  Students must also possess the readiness for and commitment to rigorous college coursework.  While still in high school, students can complete up to 35 semester hours of lower division general education coursework.  Just as high schools have specific requirements for graduation, colleges and universities likewise have requirements, referred to as general education courses, which all students are required to complete.  Because students will have completed the general education requirements, they won’t have to repeat these classes and may enter the university as a sophomore.  If a student chooses to remain in the program for one year beyond high school, they will complete their Associates Degree and can enter the university as a junior and gain admittance into their specific major (assuming all other requirements have been met).

The cost per credit hour at the state universities is more than three times higher than the per credit hour cost for the same courses taught in the Early College Program. This equals big savings for students and their families.

  • Receive 35 college credits while saving money and time while still enrolled in high school.
  • Enjoy small class sizes taught by college faculty.
  • Reduce college completion time.
  • All courses completed with a C or higher transfer to Arizona’s three state Universities.

Early College students will also have access to a wide selection of college activities including fine and performing arts, athletics, and student life.  Learning and student support services such as tutoring, academic advising, counseling, the computer commons, and the library, are also included.

Early College Announcements

Early Outreach Completion Scholarship
Summer 2015
Applications due May 15, 2015


Congratulations Class of 2015

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