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PCPP Coursework

PCPP Planned Coursework/Paradise Valley Community College

Child Development Associate Competency Goals

Early Childhood Education
Coursework And Credits
Revised June 2012

1.  Establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment.

CFS 123 Health and Nutrition in Early Childhood Settings (1)
CFS 125 Safety in Early Childhood Settings (1)
ECH 271 Arranging the Environment (1)

And any of the following:
ECH 236 Learning Materials (1)
ECH 280 Food Experiences (1)

2.  Advancing physical and intellectual development.

ECH 272 Science for the Young Child (1)
ECH 273 Math for the Young Child (1)
ECH 275 Literacy Development (1)
ECH 281 Music and Movement (1)

And any of the following:
CFS 160 Using Music, Speech and Movement with Literature (1)
ECH 277 Language and Literacy for the Bilingual Child (1)
ECH 274 Books and Verse for the Young Child (1)
EDU 291 Children’s Literature (3)
EDU 292 The Art of Storytelling (3)

3.  Supporting social and emotional development and to provide guidance.

ECH 282 Discipline/Guidance of Child Groups (1)
CFS101AH Art Activities for the Young Child (1)
EDU 230 Cultural Diversity In Education (3) or
EED220 Child, Family, Community and Culture (3)
CFS 282 Mainstreaming/Child with a Disability (1)

4.  Establishing productive relationships with families.

CFS 177 Parent-Child Interaction (3)
CFS 285AA Family-School Interaction: Preschool (1)

CFS 157 Marriage and Family (3)

5.  Ensuring a well-run purposeful program responsive to participant needs.

ECH 279 Early Childhood Curriculum Development (1)
EED 200 Foundations of Early Childhood Education

And any of the following:
ECH141 Explore the Fundamentals of the Reggio Emilia Approach (1)
ECH 218 Communication in Early Childhood Settings (1)
ECH 288 Community Resource and Referral (1)
EDU 221 Introduction to Education (3)
CFS 192 Staff Development (1)
CFS 193 Financial Management (1)
CFS 194 AA Early Childhood Program Management:  Staffing and Managing (1)
CFS 194 AB Early Childhood Program Management:  Human Relations (1)
CFS 194 AC Early Childhood Program Management:
Organizational Structure (1)
CFS195 Early Childhood Personnel Supervision (1)

6.  Maintaining a commitment to professionalism.

ECH 287 Professional Development in ECE (1)
ECH 269 Child Care Seminar (1)
ECH 284 AB Early Childhood Teaching Internship (3)

And any of the following:
CFS140 Special Topics in Child/Family Studies (.5)
CFS 196 Ethics (1)
CFS 197 Leadership in Early Childhood Education (1)
ECH 120 Contemporary Issues in ECE (1)
ECH 267 CDA Preparation I
ECH 268 CDA Preparation II
ECH 284AA Early Childhood Teaching Internship (2)
ECH 298 AA, AB, or AC Special Projects (1, 2, or 3)

7.  Observing and recording children’s behavior.

ECH 270 Observing Young Children (1) or
ECH 140 Making Learning Visible with Documentation (1)

8.  Principles of child growth and development

CFS/ECH 176 Child Development (3) or
CFS 235 Developing Child: Theory-Practice, Prenatal – 8 (3)

And any of the following:
ECH 181 Enhancing Infant Development (1)
ECH182 Enhancing Toddler Development (1)
ITD206 Developmental Milestones 0-3 (1)

Note: The courses listed in bold font are required courses in the Certificate of Completion and Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education at Paradise Valley Community College.

Individuals working toward the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential must complete training hours (or credits) in each of the 8 competency areas and be observed meeting competency standards.