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Federal Direct Student Loans

To apply for a loan, applicants must first file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be eligible to receive Subsidized loan you must have calculated financial need.

**PLEASE NOTE: Paradise Valley Community College does not certify Parent Plus Loans or Private Student Loans.**

Students with Prior Loans: Prior to being awarded loans, students must have official academic transcripts from all previously attended schools sent to Admissions and Records for evaluation.

30 day delayed disbursal: Federal regulations require 30 day delayed disbursal for first time student loan borrowers unless they have already completed 30 days of an eligible program of study at PVCC as determined by the PVCC Admissions and Records Office. The 30 days must have occurred during the term in which the loan is offered. Also, each PVCC borrower must complete the Student Loan Entrance Counseling as required by federal regulation.

Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling: A Student must complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Loan Counseling before receiving the first disbursement of their first Federal Stafford Loan. The Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling can be completed by visiting You will need your FSA ID to electronically sign your FAFSA

to sign the promissory note and complete the entrance counseling. Note: If doing the Entrance Interview on the web please print a copy for your records.

There are two types of Federal Direct Student Loans:

The first disbursement may be delayed if student is enrolled in late starting/modular classes. All Loans are required to have two disbursements, this includes one semester loans.

Subsidized Loans

-       Subsidized loans are those on which the government pays the interest while the student is in school and other periods of authorized deferment.

-       First year students (30 or less credits earned at the 100 level or transfer hours) maximum subsidized loan is $3,500 per academic year.

-       Second year students (over 30 credits earned at the 100 level or transfer hours) maximum subsidized loan is $4,500 per academic year.

Unsubsidized Loans

-       Unsubsidized loans are those on which the borrower is responsible for the interest starting from the point of disbursement.

-       Unsubsidized loan maximums are determined by your dependency status and cost of attendance. You must always apply for a subsidized loan first.

-       Complete a Revision Request form available on the Financial Aid website under Forms to Download. Be sure to select the form under the year for which you are requesting the unsubsidized loan. Write in the dollar amount requested and submit to the PVCC Financial Aid Office.  

- For additional knowledge visit

        National Student Loan Database

*Independent Student Definition

Section 480(d) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), defines an independent student as someone who fits into one or more of six specific categories. Under these categories a student is independent if he or she -

(1) Is 24 years of age or older by December 31 of the award year;

(2) Is an orphan or ward of the court or was a ward of the court until the individual reached the age of 18;

(3) Is a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States;

(4) Is a graduate or professional student;

(5) Is a married individual; or

(6) Has legal dependents other than a spouse.

Student Loan Repayment

-       Student loans must be repaid once a student completes his/her degree program

-       Or stops attending college at least half-time (six credit ours per semester).

-       Many federal student loans have grace periods depending on the type of student loan.

-       There are also a variety of repayment options to fit a student's needs including income based repayment plans, loan consolidation payment plans, and many more.

-       Please visit Studentloans.govfor additional resources associated with loan repayment options including loan repayment calculators, cancellation, deferment, loan forgiveness options and consolidations.

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