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Policies and Procedures

General Safety Information

1.     There is a Fitness Center instructor on duty at all times. Please ask an instructor for assistance when using new equipment or designing a program. Use equipment only for its intended purpose.

2.     For your safety, we require current medical information. This is updated each semester. Some individuals may be required to have a medical release from a physician.                 

3.     During the aerobic (cardiovascular) segment of your exercise, you should check your pulse to be sure you are within your target heart rate zone. If you do not know what this number is, please ask an instructor. If you experience nausea, dizziness or any other physical problem, contact an instructor.

4.     When you are finished with an exercise, return equipment to proper starting position:

  • Treadmill–return elevation to zero
  • Free weights–return to racks
  • Cybex machines–if you use the range limiters, put them back to the standard position

5.     When walking around the Fitness Center, always watch for moving parts on equipment that is in use. Keep hands away from weight stacks when others are lifting. If equipment appears to be broken, notify the instructor  on duty.

6.     Cool down. After completion of your workout, slowly walk or ride a bike until your heart rate is below 100 beats per minute. Stretching may also be used as a cool down activity.

7.     If you get injured, please notify the instructor on duty no matter how minor the injury seems at the time.

Free Weight Rules

1.     You must use collars on all curl bars and straight bars.

2.     You must use the safety stops on the bench press and smith machine

3.     If you are trying a new exercise, please have an instructor evaluate your form.

4.     Use a trained spotter whenever possible.

5.     When lifting dumbbells or weight plates off the floor, use your legs-not your back.

6.     Please do not drop the dumbbells at the end of your set.

7.     Return all weights to the proper racks when finished.

8.     Weight belts are recommended for many free weight exercises.

9.     Always warm up before your lift and cool down when you’re finished.

10.  Please allow others to work in when you are between sets.

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Fitness Center
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Exercise Science Faculty/Fitness Center Director 602-787-7286

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Office Coordinator 602-787-7272

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Division Secretary 602-787-7271

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Health and Exercise Science Division Chair 602-787-7295

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Fitness Center Tech/Fitness Center Adjunct Faculty

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Fitness Center Tech

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