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Wellness Breakout Sessions

Fall 2014 Health and Exercise Science Breakout Sessions

Free and Open to the Public!

Dynamic Warm-up                                         Fri.                   Sept 26            2-3pm                         F130                            F131                          

Jacky Cherney, M.S., NASM CPT, CSCS CPT, ATC.  Do you know the guidelines for stretching have dramatically changed in the past few years?  Learn the new, best ways to stretch and how to effectively warm-up with techniques that prevent you from getting hurt!

Metabolic Syndrome:  Know Your Risk          Wed.               Oct 15             3-4pm                         F130

Sadie Muller,  MPAS, ACE CPT. Come and learn about the five main risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and how it is on the rise in the United States.  After the session, you will understand the health complications associated with metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, hypertensions and stroke.  You will gain knowledge on how to lower your risk of metabolic syndrome through effective lifestyle modifications using diet and exercise.

Exercise: Facts vs Fiction                                 Thurs.            Oct. 30            12-1pm                       F130

Sherri Veach, M.S., NASM CPT, AEA.   We will discuss the truth about health related topics.  Does muscle weigh more than fat?  Can I spot reduce inches?  How many sit ups do I need to do to get a “6-pack”?  Can muscle turn into fat?  Is sweating heavily an indicator that I worked really hard?  Find out a few facts that will make your eating and exercise most effective in reaching your goals.

TRX Suspension Training                                Thurs.              Nov. 6              3-4pm                         Fit Ctr.

Fred Vergnetti, B.S. NASM CPT, FMS.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. The TRX delivers a fast effective total-body workout that helps build muscular strength, endurance and a solid core. Take your fitness level up a notch and learn many of these fun & challenging exercises with our fitness expert, Fred Vergnetti.  

Happy Healthier Holiday Eating!                   Tues.                Nov. 18            2-3pm                         F131

Beth Farnsworth, BS, DTR, CHES, Clinical Nutritionist, Banner Health.  Do you want to be healthier and happier during the holiday season? How does managing your weight and your stress level without having to give up the foods you love sound to you?! Good nutrition goes a long way during the holiday season and it could be what you're NOT eating and drinking that matters most during this festive time of the year. Join us as we celebrate the season with the latest and greatest holiday tips and strategies that just might take YOU into a happy and healthier new year! Recipes and handouts included!!!

Core, Balance & Stability Training                 Wed.               Dec 10             4:30-5:20pm               F109

Ray Saigh.  B.S, ACE CPT, ISSA CPT.   Do you want to implement more core exercises into your workouts?  Attend this breakout session to learn and practice core, balance and stability exercises you never thought existed!  You will walk away with a variety of tools to develop your core and enhance your entire exercise program!  Please dress for physical activity.     

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