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Wellness Breakout Sessions

How to Register for the Fitness Center

1.  REGISTER at Admissions & Records (KSC Bldg.) (M-R 8am – 5:30pm & Friday 8am–3pm)

·    Select the proper class section

·    If you are new to the Fitness Center, you will need to complete an orientation.

·    Orientations take up to an hour. You may also complete the orientation on Canvas.

2.  Obtain a Picture ID & Parking Decal at the KSC Bldg. Welcome Center.

(M-R 8am – 5:30pm, Fr 8am - 3pm)

     3.  What to Bring to the Orientation:

*Proof of Registration for Fitness Center

*Student (Picture) ID

4.  Do I Need a Medical Release from my Doctor?

*Yes,IF you have had any of the following:

  -Coronary Heart Disease


  -Heart Attack

  -Peripheral Vascular Disease

  -Recent Surgery

  -Angina (chest pain)

     -High Blood Pressure


     -Pregnancy/Post-Partum if less than 6 wks

      5.  IF a Medical Release is needed, the instructor will help you fill out the appropriate paperwork at orientation.  You will not be able to work out in the Fitness Center until your doctor releases you to do so.

     6.  At the END of orientation, you may sign up for an appointment with an instructor to set goals and create your program.


PVCC Fitness Center Hours of Operation

(Note: Summer hours are slightly different)

Monday - Thursday: 5:30am – 8:00pm

Friday: 5:30am – 7:00pm

Saturday: 7:00am – 2:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am – 2:00pm


2015 Health and Exercise Science Breakout Sessions

Free and Open to the Public!

WillPower and Grace Workout                      Wed                Feb.  4             4:30-5:20pm               F109

Charlene Tate, AFAA GF, CPT. Certified WillPower and Grace Instructor. WillPower and Grace is an easy to follow, linear, strong and focused program for students of all levels.  It’s equipment free, practiced barefoot and infused with a positive, strengthening philosophy.  Through cardiovascular barefoot training we develop ankle, knee and hip stabilization to facilitate good movement and prevent injury.  The workout is structured for students of all levels, challenging to athletes as well as welcoming newcomers.  Please dress for physical activity.


9 Likely Links to a Long Life                           Fri.                   Feb. 20            2-3pm                         F130                            F131                          

Jacky Cherney, M.S., NASM CPT, CSCS CPT, ATC.  Learn the common traits that researchers have found among the longest-living, and still active, people around the world. You may be surprised to discover what is important to extend your life! It is never too late, or too early, to apply these tips to yourself!


Proper Weight Training Techniques               Tues.                Mar. 10            12:30 – 1:30 pm          Fitness Ctr

Fred Vergnetti, B.S., NASM CPT, FMS.  Learn how to perform a variety of strength training exercises correctly and avoid the most common mistakes people make when lifting. Exercising using proper techniques will help you achieve maximum strength gains and avoid unnecessary injuries. Please dress for physical activity.


Creative Core Workouts                                   Fri.                 April 3             4:00-5:00pm               F109

Ray Saigh.  B.S, ACE CPT, ISSA CPT.   This is a great way to learn about how to implement core workouts into your training.  You will walk away with some fun and creative core exercises that should help you get into better shape!   Please dress for physical activity.


Make YOUR Diet More Nutrient Rich            Tues.                April 21           11:30-12:30                 F130                            Thurs.  Nov. 6  3-4pm            F110

Beth Farnsworth, BS, DTR, CHES, Clinical Nutritionist, Banner Health.  What does it really mean to be truly healthy? There's strong evidence to suggest that choosing certain foods can play a role in assisting us to lead healthier, happier and maybe even longer lives. Healthy eating is all about how many nutrients you can pack into your diet. Join us as we explore how we can stop focusing so much on calories and more on nutrient dense foods.


Alcohol:  Drinking Responsibly                      Tues.                May 5              1:30-2:30 pm              F131

Sherri Veach, M.S., NASM CPT, AEA.  Alcohol is part of our social culture. We are all affected by it directly or indirectly.  It is consumed in celebrations, religious ceremonies, holidays, and social gatherings. We will talk about how much is too much, the physiological effects of a hangover, the alcohol percentage difference in beer, wine, and liquors and how much your body can really tolerate.  Come and learn about all of these fascinating facts and much more!


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