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Learning Support Center

Welcome to the Learning Support Center! (a.k.a., LSC)
Bring in your student I.D's, & we'll get you started.

ESL groups end on December 11, 2014.
Scheduling for ESL classes of Spring 2015
will be available soon.

Click on the link below to access the calculator workshops


Contact Us

Contact Info

(602) 787-7180
Fax: (602) 787-7820

Location: Building E, Room 180


Mary Early, Ph.D.
(602) 787-7183

Alison Livingston
Front Desk Coordinator
(602) 787-7181

Rana Zaki
LSC Math Associate
(602) 787-7180

Angelica Hill
LSC P.A.S.S. Time & Evening Office Coordinator
(602) 787-7184

Beverly Richdale
Front Desk Staff
(602) 787-7180

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