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Open Text Books

An open textbook is considered an open-licensed text offered online by its author. The text can be read online, downloaded or printed at no cost.

Minimum rights usually allow users to use the text without compensating the author, copy the text with appropriate credit to the author, distribute the textbook non-commercially and shift the text into another format. Many authors will allow content to be added, removed or altered.

There are a growing number of open textbooks available online for faculty to use. Selection can be difficult as there is limited availability of high quality and comprehensive learning materials in some disciplines.

One of the true benefits of using an open textbook is the faculty can edit the materials to meet their specific course needs. It provides opportunities to share learning materials for local use. Students have the opportunity to provide instant feedback on the information that can facilitate continual improvement.

The links available should provide faculty with quality open materials to assist in adopting open textbooks. 

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