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Printing at PVCC

Paradise Valley Community College has implemented pay for printing in the Library and Computer Commons. Costs for students and community members will be 10 cents a page (20 cents double sided) for black-and-white prints and $1 for color. The pay-for-print fees and procedures follow the standard practices that students are familiar with using at city libraries; colleges in the district such as Mesa Community College and Phoenix College; and other public facilities.

Students and community members will need a PVCC ID card, and their 13 digit ID card number to access the print accounting software. Your 13 digit number on the back of your PVCC ID card is your username. The ID card number is also used to release your print jobs from a computer to a printer.

Cash deposit centers are located in the Library and Computers Commons. You can deposit money into your print account through the use of the deposit centers and your ID Card number. Do not deposit more than $5.00 into your account in case you lose your ID card. You are responsible for loss of funds should your ID card be lost or stolen. Refunds of money left in your account should you leave PVCC will only be considered for amounts of $10 or more and require approval by a Dean or Vice President.

*PVCC is not responsible for any loss of printing funds if you lose your ID card. It is your responsibility.

Click here for information on how to use the pay for print system.

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