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Make Your Voice Heard

Make your voice heard by becoming a dues-paying member and be eligible to vote

Collected dues (through payroll deduction or money order payable to MCCCD PSA) provide operational funding and help pay for PSA events, guest speakers, leadership training, and career development.  Contact PVCC Treasurer Beth Whiteman, 7-7068.

The Professional Staff Association represents all professional staff employees; however, only members having paid dues:

  • Exhibit a commitment for a strong voice and presence within MCCCD
  • Exhibit a commitment to making a difference within MCCCD
  • Are eligible to vote on vote on campus issues directly affecting you
  • Are eligible for leadership opportunities
    • Run for elected office
    • After election, participate in leadership training
  • Support networking opportunities
  • Support coordinated volunteer opportunities
  • Support paid education leave fund
  • Support professional growth funds (dues-paying members receive up to $4,000/year)
  • Support PSA internship
  • Support PSA Winter Holiday Lunch (dues-paying members receive admission price discount)
  • Support PSA Summer Conference (dues-paying members receive admission price discount)