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Campus Vehicle Reservations

Reservations for Campus Vehicles

Please be sure to make your request at least seven (7) business days prior to your trip.

Paradise Valley Community College now has four (4) twelve passenger vans and three (3) seven passenger vans, for a total of seven vans plus a (4) four passenger Hybrid car. Please designate one PVCC certified driver from your group for each van. To request multiple vans or to reserve the Campus Van for a school related function please use the form below to send your reservation request. Please allow us two (2) full working days to confirm.

NOTE: It is mandatory to provide Public Safety with an itinerary when making a reservation for a van.

Drivers must be PVCC certified. Please list one driver per van requested.

i.e. Costco, District, MCC

Please use the comments section to inform us of any additional needs, alternate drivers or unusual circumstances.

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