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Campus Development Map

Image of PVCC campus

1 -1A

Add 2 story General Classroom Building
+45,000 SF

Replaced by purchase of County Library, plus renovations.
+65,000 SF
+250 Parking Spaces

Constructed a connecting pathway, ADA compliant; also accommodates PVCC service vehicle access.


Add two story Classroom Laboratory Building
+28,000 SF

Revised plan: +34,000 SF on schedule for July 2009 occupancy.


Upgrade Central Plant

Add extended chilled water lines to the Life Sciences building (2) and to the Q building (1).


Add 2 Story
Student Services

12,000 sq. ft. expansion of KSC Student Services building and remodeling 2,000 sq. ft.  of existing space.


Add 2-Lane
Inner Loop Road Connection
+60 Spaces

Completed January 2007 +46 Spaces* (See 9)


Add Surface Parking
+268 Spaces

Completed January 2007
+314 Spaces