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Q Building

Original and new floorplans

On January 13, 2011, Q Building was opened in time for Spring 2011 semester classes. The project completed on budget totaling $15.5 million, which includes purchase, design and remodel. It is the new home to PVCC's Math Division, Center for Teaching and Learning, Continuing Education, and several general education classrooms. It features 26 classrooms, areas for testing, faculty offices and support areas. A double classroom can convert to a large space for conferences and meetings. A mezzanine level was added to the atrium to create a general study space, and the "Q Cafe" was created on the North Porch; both are part of extensive informal learning spaces throughout the building which encourage students to stay on campus to interact and learn from fellow students in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

The building's squared off exterior makes the most efficient use of space. The building's entrance was reoriented to the north, connecting it to the rest of the PVCC campus. The new structure incorporates technology upgrades including phone and data lines, audio-visual capabilities, fire alarm and security systems. Solar tubes were added throughout much of the building for natural light, and the aging Energy Management System equipment was replaced with a connection to the campus Central Plant with its state-of-the-art efficiencies.

The Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center Charter School (AAEC) was moved to a new, upgraded and expanded area on the building's southwest side.

In the beginning...

On March 27, 2007, the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board approved using 2004 General Obligation Bond funds to purchase the George L. Campbell Library, a branch of the Maricopa County Library system, which is adjacent to the PVCC campus on the south.  It was determined by all concerned that the purchase price of $4M for the 65,929 square-foot building was a far more prudent use of public funds than constructing from ground up the 2-story, 45,000 square-foot General Classroom building originally planned.  The purchase included 341,859 SF or 7.85 acres of land and added 250 parking spots to the PVCC campus.

At the time of purchase the building had two occupants which became lessees of PVCC when the property was transferred:  the Maricopa County Library and the Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center Charter School (AAEC).  The library plans to vacate the building when its lease expires in 2011.
Some necessary mechanical and safety upgrades for the occupied areas of the building were completed in 2008. 


3/27/07 – Governing Board approves purchase of the George L. Campbell Library
6/24/08 – Conceptual phase for remodeling 45,000 square feet approved
10/28/08 – Selection of SmithGroup as Consulting Architects for remodeling
11/25/08 – Selection of Jokake Construction as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
1/13/11 - Grand Opening of Q building

Q Building Committees

Brian Hermann
Kurt Hill
Mary Kay Kickels
David Matus
Scott Meek
Mary Lou Mosley
Carol Myers
James Patterson
Jane Saldana-Talley
John Sazama

Jacalyn Askin
David Matus
Mary Lou Mosley
Steve Nicoloff
Sue Van Boven
Rick Vaughn
Elaine Weintraub

Judi Anderson
Robert Bendotti
Ron Bleed
Barbara Carlile
Christie Colunga
Paul Dale
Julia Devous
Mary Kay Kickels
Sandy McDill
Jim Patterson
Jennifer Strickland
Jane Saldana-Talley
Rick Vaughn
Shelle Witten

Jacalyn Askin
PVCC Vice President, Administrative Services

Lionel Diaz
MCCCD Associate Vice Chancellor, Capital Planning and Special Projects

Eddie Garcia
Architect, SmithGroup

Paul Golisch
PVCC Dean of Information Technology

David Matus
PVCC Director of Facilities Services

Mary Lou Mosley
PVCC Vice President of Academic Affairs

Stephen Nicoloff
PVCC Division Chair, Mathematics

Rick Vaughn
PVCC Faculty, Mathematics

Education Specifications

Architect's Conceptual Drawings

Conceptual Drawing of the Q Building
Conceptual Drawing of the Q Building
Conceptual Drawing of the Q Building
Conceptual Drawing of the Q Building